Kickin Ass and Taking Names #28daychallenge review-Day 1

If you don’t follow @fitgirlsguide on instagram, drop everything you’re doing and follow them right now.  Or risk missing out on all the awesome.  Seriously.  I bought into all of their books, because advertising works.  But it’s bigger than their books, and not to sound like a doe-eyed moron, but they have actually built a fitness community of women supporting other women and even I’m down to admit how completely rad that is.

So yesterday, I prepped for day one of the #28daychallenge.  I had to go to the grocery and do three days of meal prep which was incredibly ambitious as I did not plan that into my day/weekend.  I don’t know if I’ll complete the entire challenge, but definitely starting it made me feel pretty damn good.

The thing I really like about the challenge so far, is the fact they made it idiot proof.  I absolutely hate going to the supermarket.  And finally, someone (although I had heard this advice from a friend of mine before) simplified the overwhelming aspect of trying to buy food.  Stick to the perimeter of the store.  That’s where all the real food is.  And I have to say, as I used their list to prep for week 1, most of the items were on the perimeter of the market.

It took me about four hours (since I enlisted my boyfriend) to buy the groceries, and complete the prep that they required.

I have reviewed the food from day one below:

Refrigerator Oats: I had a really hard time eating these.  They are comprised of greek yogurt (ew) and other ingredients, but since I had prepped them yesterday, the oats were soggy.  I didn’t like the feeling of my breakfast trying to crawl it’s way back up my throat while I tried to choke it down.  However, if you aren’t a freak with texture issues, this breakfast is really good (and Alex approved) .  These were super easy to prepare, and I’m going to try putting the oats on the top in the future so that when I mix them to eat, they won’t already be soggy.

Chicken Power Bowl for Lunch – This would have been amazing if it had not been cold and in a cooler in my car.  It was chicken, kale, brown rice, and grilled zucchini.  When we first made them and boxed them up, they smelled amazing.  But in my car today, it was a little bit bland, and cold cooked rice is disgusting for the record.  Tomorrow I am going to pack hot sauce for some flavor.

Pita Pizza for Dinner – I completely messed this up because this is supposed to be a 2, 4, 6 evening, but we had it on 1.  And it was AMAZING.  This is a recipe I would use over and over.  Alex even loved it (albeit he wanted a second pizza).

My snack was a banana and peanut butter.

I was not hungry throughout the day, and the food was mostly good.  It’s hard to be healthy.  I am excited for day 2.

Also, for exercise I walked/jogged.  I didn’t take my bitchin’ playlist or my dog.  I tried to use the walking time to meditate.  And also, I wasn’t planning on walking except my fitbit shamed me into it when I saw my steps were nowhere near the neighborhood of 10,000.

I will give weekly updates on the @fitgirlsguide #28daychallenge  But so far, so good.

Until next time.



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