Do you even lift?

So if you have eyes and social media, you have definitely see that real girls lift. You also have been explained that lifting makes muscle which speeds your metabolism through some kind of muscle magic science that I don’t need to understand to accept the basic fact that lifting will helps achieve results quickly or whatever. 

So I have to admit that for a person who goes to the gym pretty much everyday, I do not know what I’m doing. Seriously. When I go to the gym, I always take a class. Occasionally I’ll run since it is now the temperature of the sun in Las Vegas. But when it comes to free weights section, no thank you. I do not know how to set up a circuit. I do not know what muscle groups to work. And I have to spend at least 2 minutes per machine learning how to use it, and what it will impact. That’s way too much for me. Since I am a weight lifting newbie, I take Body pump. 

Body Pump is a weights class done circuit style so you get your cardio in while you tone your muscles. Or so I’m told. I’m pretty sure you work out every major muscle because the day after I lay in bed for 20 minutes pondering if I will be able to ever stand and make it through the day. In fact, two days after I’m typically still in pain. 

So this morning, the day after body pump, I woke up at 6am thinking I would take Dante on a quick walk. WRONG. I couldn’t move. My body hurt at even the slightest thought of moving. I was sure that I would have to lie in bed until the end of time because my muscles were clearly in revolution mode. The end was near. Definitely. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on perspective) I mustered the strength to live my life. But let me be clear. Turning the steering wheel hurts. Walking hurts. Stretching hurts. Carrying drugs hurts. Laughing hurts. Sitting hurts. Being in motion hurts. Being still hurts. How do people life 3x a week (or more) and continue to go tithe gym inbetween?  

It is insane. 


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