crawling towards milestones

Happiness is a journey not a destination. So says the inspirational posters in doctors’ offices that I stare at all day long. 

That’s has been my approach to weight loss as well. I have been reminded that I didn’t gain the weight overnight (although based on daily weigh ins I know that does happen) so it won’t come off overnight. The problem is that if I so much as smell a French fry I will immediately gain 5lbs. But if I eat spinach and run 10 miles, I will lose 1 oz. 

I try to stay positive and keep my head up. It helps that in the past week many people have commented on my progress. That keeps me on the right track. The problem is when you’re almost at a landmark (5, 10, 25, 40, 50lbs lost) you get impatient. 

I have been very close to 40 pounds lost for about a week. Despite my resolve to be very healthy and eat clean, and the daily hour in the gym, we are moving at a glacial pace. But mind over matter. Last night before bed I adopted the mantra “tomorrow is the day I will be 40lbs down”

Imagine my shock and horror when I looked at the scale today and see that I remain 6oz from that milestone. 6oz. That’s less than a glass of water. I wanted to pick up my scale and throw it out the window in a fit of rage. I thought we were on the same team. How dare it tell me I’m just 6oz away. 

I managed to contain my unreasonable anger and after 72 deep breaths, I accepted that today is not that day. 

Maybe tomorrow



  1. Arghhh so frustrating when you’re working so hard and the rewards can feel so small sometimes! I had to cut back on weighing myself because I’d work hard to eat well, go for a big run and come back and find I’d gained weight?! Whattttt nooooo! Keep up the great work and motivation!

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