Orange Theory Fitness

I want to keep it 100% with everyone in my life, so realize that Orange Theory Fitness is a subject that I have complete mixed feelings about.  OTF (the acronym that I will use throughout this post, so just know that’s Orange Theory Fitness) is an incredibly expensive workout that I love to hate.

It is 60 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you are publicly shamed by a two square inch box on a tv screen that all class participants can see.  The box containing your name shows the intensity at which you’re working by color code (Green – fat burning, Orange-Cardio, Red-Max, Blue-Not working at all, and Grey-Dead or your heart monitor isn’t reading), calories burned, heart rate percentage, and how many minutes you’ve spent in the “orange” zone.  The physiological theory OTF pulls from is called “excess post-excercise oxygen consumption”  Meaning if you spend 12-20 minutes in the ORANGE zone you will get an “afterburn” effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for 24-36 hours post sweat sesh.  They claim that when you combine EPOC+OTF 60 = 500-1000 calories burnt.  I’m not an expert by any means but in class I burn between 400-700 calories depending on how lazy I am.

OTF utilized treadmill training, indoor rowing, and weight training blocks to take your body to a place where you think you might vomit for sixty whole minutes.  After the class they email you your class stats so you can treasure them always.  Let’s break down the pros and cons.

  • Pros
    • Small Class Sizes
    • My studio has created a community.  They do weight loss challenges, and they even offer up nutrition information for those needing help.
    • The workouts are hard, so you’re definitely getting some kind of benefit from attending
    • You get cardio and strength training in 60 minutes
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • If you buy an unlimited package, you can OTF in any studio even though it’s a franchise
  •  Cons
    • This class is expensive.  I am talking incredibly overpriced.  And for signing up you also get the luxury of purchasing your own heart rate monitor for an additional $34 or something
    • They are super friendly.  My studio they try to make small talk with me pre and post workout, which I hate.  I like to slip in and slip out under the radar making as little conversation as possible.  But at my studio they trap you and chat you up for longer than I’m comfortable with.
    • The trainers initially spent a lot of time correcting my form, and checking in throughout the class.  maybe it’s because I’ve been going a year, and I’m finally understanding what I’m doing or maybe it’s back to the yoga discrimination I’ve faced.  I can’t decide.  But I like to be corrected during my workouts.
    • It’s a studio gym, so class times are limited.  It’s hard sometimes for me to make it there, and get my money’s worth.

Yesterday I went to OTF for the first time in several months which is essentially the same as lighting a couple hundreds on fire.  I was fortunate to ease back in on an endurance day that did not include burpees.  My abs are incredibly sore today, which sucks because I have a gym date at 3 to lift.

What’s interesting to me is that my Fitbit Charge HR and my Heart Rate monitor pod I bought from OTF did not match up. LOOK.  The top picture is OTF heart monitor, the bottom fitbit.

Fitbit is inclusive of the entire day, however the 21 min in Peak and the 22 min in Cardio are most definitely from during class, as that was really the only activity I did yesterday.   Can someone explain to me why they don’t match up?

This class will definitely kick your ass.  And despite all the cons, it’s definitely worth a drop in


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  1. Hilarious, and so true!! found this because I wondered why my Fitbit was so much lower than the OTF monitor I wear. I know the Fitbit is accurate, because I tested it against an echocardiogram.

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