This past weekend, I celebrated Independence Day. And while I did watch fireworks and baseball (the great american past time), my celebration was less about the U S of A and more about going buck wild and eating everything and anything in sight.  And this is not some crazy exaggeration. I had copious amounts of pizza, wine, ice cream, cookies, pancakes, ribs and even fast food (yikes). On top of that, Saturday I did not hit the gym, and Sunday I didn’t even hit 3800 steps. Needless to say, my pants were a little tight this morning which made me angry. So it’s clear to say my Independence Day was an independence from the strict rules I set for myself. 

Struggling with weight loss is difficult. I think that’s why so many people start and give up over and over. I know that’s something I have personally struggled with. About 4 years ago, I went through the changes pictured here:

Even at my smallest above, I was a size 10. My ultimate goal being a size 6. And here I am again. Struggling to take the weight off. Except this time I’m older. And we all know that doesn’t help. 

So I guess I wanted to take the time to remind myself and everyone else, that even psychotic, harass Jillian Michaels knows that there are setbacks. And a weekend derailment is just a reminder to recommit and reevaluate and get back on track. 

Keep the air in your tires. I know I will. 


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