Gym Partner From Hell

There are many relationships in this world that are hard to find. And while I’m sure people would say finding the love of your life is the most challenging, I call bullshit. Finding a Perfect Gym Partner is much more challenging. 

I am fortunate now to have several gym partners that are awesome. They encourage regular attendance, the push me to work hard, and they make even the elliptical less mind numbing. 

About a year ago (maybe longer) I had the most awful gym partner. (Brace yourself for female cattiness). I’m going to call her Ashley to protect her identity. The first thing you need to know about Ashley is that her ego was (and likely still is) disproportionate to her character and appearance. Not only was she not nice, not funny, and possessed no work ethic, but she was also not attractive. It is my belief that if you are a frizzy haired, bad dressing, freeloading cow then you are required to be interesting or funny or smart or at the very least, nice. 

This heifer was none of the above. We would go to the gym to lift weights, and while we were there she would casually slip in the following statements 

  • If you keep doing squats, maybe you can have a nice ass like me
  • I don’t need cardio to achieve my fitness goals
  • Keep working, and you can get there. I did. 

Even the memory of this makes my blood boil. Let’s review. Ashley = cow. She was built like a chicken. Or like an early childhood drawing. 


Needless to say, she did not have a nice ass. She was a bubble person.  Secondly, I don’t know what fitnes goals she had, but I find it questionable that at 5’4″ and likely over 200lbs she had met them.  And finally, I don’t like when my gym partner belittles me. 

But the WORST thing about Ashley I have yet to touch. Ashley would come to the gym and half ass everything. We worked out together for more than a month, and she never added more weight, she only did 3 sets of 5 reps (after we agreed on 10 reps per set), and she would get on the treadmill and set it to the breakneck speed of 2 miles per hour with no incline. She would then tell me “no matter how hard I work, I never sweat”

This sent me into a rage. (And it’s important to know that she wasn’t suffering from anhidrosis-she claimed she just didn’t sweat). First of all bitch, you’re not working hard. Any human without being completely disabled could do your half assed workout. Secondly, based on the fact you “don’t drink water” might be an indication you are dehydrated.  

Needless to say I stopped replying to Ashley. She was the worst. I just think if you’re going to the gym, you should work hard. Otherwise, why go?

So that brings me to last night. (Quite the backstory huh?). Last night I was the worlds worst gym partner. I was late and not in the mood. I didn’t push hard. I didn’t work hard. And I certainly didn’t make the elliptical more palatable.  And for that, I apologize. 

Gym partners are so important but so is my time while I’m there. I recommit to working hard everytime. In the mood or not. 


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