Eating. It’s important.

I stopped to have lunch today at Cafe Zupas.  It’s one of my favorite stops during the day for a healthy lunch, and it’s inexpensive.  I eat half a salad packed with protein, and I even get to enjoy desert.  They have wifi which means I can work while I eat so that’s even better because it means the less work I have to take home.

Anyways, I was eating my lunch, and I overheard these two women deciding what they were going to order.  It was 1pm.  And one lady said, and this is not a fucking joke, “I really want a sandwich and I’ve only had 120 calories today, so I could probably have half.”  It took literally every fiber of my being not to stand up and slap that bitch.

When did we become part of a culture where women feel that they have to starve themselves?  Stupid question. But 120 calories at 1pm?  That’s nothing.  And the thing is, you have to eat to lose weight.  Your body needs fuel or else it will eat your muscles.  So listen up pre anorexics, you need to eat.  Avoid fried foods and white bread, I get it.  But by 1pm, you should have more in your stomach than 120 calories.


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