Buti Yoga (a review)

The first time I heard of Buti Yoga was in Prescott, Arizona. Surprisingly, this trend that made it to small town Prescott has yet to break on the scene in Las Vegas. I was traveling with my coworker, and we were looking for a class to take. We wanted to take a hot yoga, and when I read that Buti was a combination of yoga flow and tribal dancing, I immediately knew that I would love love love it. 

The studio we went to in Prescott lacked the pretention of many yoga studios I’ve been to. Which I like. They did retail $60 shirts to sweat in, so fortunately they hadn’t complete abandoned the model of most yoga studios I’ve seen. The instructor at this studio used gangsta rap music from the 90s, and for me and Buti it was love at first downward dog. 
Much to my disappointment, Las Vegas has not caught up with the Buti craze. And there is literally nowhere in this city I can get my fix. But no worries, because Amazon can make practically anything happen. I was able to find a DVD by the creator of Buti herself, Bizzie Gold. 

The timeline is important here because I bought the DVD over a year ago and finally busted it out. Arrogantly, I went for the 45 minute workout over the 25. I mean 45 minutes is no problem. I know I have been on a hiatus, but I’ve been running and lifting weights. I have even attended several hit yoga classes. A 45 minute video in my living room should be easy. 

You guys. I was wrong. 

That 45 minute video kicked my ass. And two days later my obliques kill. Also, my shoulders and quads. This 45 minute routine is not for the faint of heart. And if you have cats, prepare yourself for them to be very interested in your practice. 

But is Buti for everyone?  I already told you, it’s yoga + tribal dancing = Buti. However, when I say tribal dancing, I mean standing in warrior and popping you booty out. Also hip circles. At times, I admittedly felt a little stripperish. It’s also important to note that I really really really love any work out that makes me feel stripperish. I feel incredibly sexy popping it despite the fact that all the fat on my body is jiggling. So it’s important to note that if you haven’t awakened your inner stripper, you might want to wake her. Also I recognize the reality of this and know I’m one of those what I think I look like vs what I actually look like memes. 

 The other thing I don’t like about the DVD is the music, so I took the liberty to underscore the video with my own mix. If your any to do the same you just have to pay attention to what the instructions are. But if you do the video enough times, I’m sure you can memorize most of the moves. 

So get on amazon fit fam and get your Buti yoga one 

2016 Goal : become a Buti instructor.  Hold me to if fam. 



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