Hotel Gyms 

It is challenging enough to motivate myself to go to a gym where I am solely responsible for the plan, but it is even harder to go to a gym in a small hotel. Unfortunately, I am a road warrior so I have to figure it out. It should be stated that by no means am I a fitness expert, and I feel incredibly insecure planning my own workouts. However, my new job has me on the road every week, so my plan of fasted cardio 6 days and body Pump 3-4 days can be a challenge. I didn’t realize how much I rely on Body Pump for my strength training. 

It should also be noted that yesterday I neither completed strength training nor fasted cardio. I did complete eating pizza in my room and watching Hairspray live until I could no longer stomach how terrible it was. Sorry not sorry. 
So today I restarted again. At 5:30am, I got up and did 45 minutes of interval training on the treadmill. In the small gym. With no windows. I worked out in a tiny prison. 

I followed up my workout with one bite of hotel scrambled eggs and thought Nope. Needless to say it’s a Starbucks spinach wrap kind of morning.  

If anyone reads this still, is there such a thing as an online personal trainer?  I need a weight training plan. 


One comment

  1. I still read this!!! Yay for your 5:30 a.m. “tiny prison” workout 😉 Although I am not subscribed to the program, (only because I already have a program) my sister has been using the Sweat with Kayla app by Kayla Itsines (aka Bikini Body Girl workouts). I do follow several BBG women on Instagram just because I love the positive attitudes and ideas. The workouts are 28 minutes and that you can pretty much do anywhere, and you decide which workout to do each day – combination of strenth, HITT, and LISS workouts. Keep at it, girl!! Traveling for work sounds like fun from this side of the fence, but I can see that it has it’s downsides as well.


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