No Years Resolution

Let me be the 8,034th person to state that I fucking hate New Years.  The only exercise I have done on a fairly consistent basis since my ACL surgery last May is Yoga.  So tell me why on January 2nd (because I skipped the first due to laziness, and by laziness I mean laziness) there was basically a room carpeted with yoga mats, and warrior three left my neighbor with a neck bruise.  Sorry not sorry girl.

I understand that the whole world is new year new me right now.  And while I should congratulate them for beginning, restarting, resuming, or pretending they are on a new fitness journey, I basically just want to throat punch people (oh snap, I did throat punch that girl).  Because here’s the thing, when you go to studio classes throughout the year, you learn studio etiquette.  Mostly I learned, if you don’t want to look like a fool, stand in the back and try not to fall down during poses effectively taking out those around you.  However, I learned those things.  These lessons are in fact, not on a sign outside.  So while I appreciate people jumping into their fitness in the New Year, if you’re falling down in Yoga I am NOT your anchor.  Also, do we really need to inhale and exhale so audibly.

For my New Year Same Mollie, I did invest in an Erin Condren planner and added on the fitness bundle packet.  The packet included a journal, some stickers with weights on them (to designate in my planner that I’m working out) and a food journal.  We are one week deep in 2017, and I have not even opened or looked at that journal.  It’s a three month jouranl to log food, water, and activity.  I have decided to buy the domain (it’s official bitches!) and because of that I’m committing the next three months to the Wellness journal.  It also means, if you read this on the regular, I will be updating my blog, instagram and twitter on the regular.  Congratulations.  Accountability.

So as we dive into 2017 I need something from you:

  1. What workouts should I try?  Classes or activities?  Should I train for a half marathon?  Should I be hardcore?  Should I try crossfit?  What do you want to hear me talk about?
  2. What products/clothes/food would you like me to review? We already know how I feel about Lululemon.  Should we keep tabs on what size you need to be before entering and not being treated like a disgusting pig?  Are there other clothing lines you’re curious about?  What about foods?
  3. What are your fitness resolutions?
  4. What instagram trend should I follow?  I’ve done a little Fit Girls Guide.  Anything else you want me to try out?


It’s our year you guys.  It’s our year.


One comment

  1. I’m curious about Montiel Activewear because their outfits are priced really well!!

    And also want to know if it’s possible to do bbg without a gym!!


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