Heartrate Elevation

I’ve been avoiding working out because I was under the assumption that my constant elevated heartrate due to our president would be enough to keep me fit. But based on the way my pants fit after four days in Mexico, that is definitely not the case. 

Anyways after my very long day of driving, all I wanted to do was lay in my bed and eat literally everything in the world. But because I’m an adult, which means doing things you don’t always like, I wen my to the gym instead and had a seafood Cobb salad. 

I gave myself a pep talk to get on the dreaded elliptical, but when I got to the hotel gym, I was disappointed to see the lone elliptical was taken. I had to settle for the treadmill. 

I struggle with the treadmill and possibly hate it equal to or greater than the elliptical for two reasons. Reason one being I was once told it’s an inaccurate track of miles. Cheating. Can you imagine the worst activity being made worse by the fact suddenly the counter on the machine used is an inaccurate measure?!?  I call BULLSHIT!  Also, since my ACL replacement running and treadmills tend to bug my knee. 

I don’t get shut down by a treadmill though. They had a bike. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the bike serious because it looked like this : 

So I made a deal with myself to do 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then a yoga video. 

The treadmill had this program that made it look like you were walking outside in San Francisco or by some lake. It would have been cool, except I was walking at 3.5mph, and I was passing people on bikes and running. I’m not sure why, but it really annoyed me.  Here I am, walking 3.5 miles an hour, leaving bikers in the dust. 

After dinner I had a Cobb salad and whined about wanting candy but didn’t eat any. #win. 


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