Fabletics – A Review

Holy shit. I’m sorry I’ve been totally fucking MIA. I have been a worthless piece of garbage wallowing in self pity, and even though the breakup I went through is still haunting me I am releasing being a do nothing loser. This is non productive. I am back on the wagon.
I have hired a nutritionist, so I cannot wait to see how that goes and don’t worry I’ll share all the details with you all. If you’re still here.  
I wanted to ease back into this bitch with a review on Fabletics. If this post makes you want to join Kate Hudson’s fitpire use my referral link, and we’ll both get money. 

 That link is : http://www.fabletics.com/invite/71171123/

Ever since the launch of Fabletics, I’ve been pretty confused about how it works. Do they always charge you $50 a month? Do they just send you an outfit? What is included? I went to the store in Las Vegas, and the sales associate broke it down for me. Here’s how it works. You have until the 5th every month to opt out. Meaning you can go to the website and say NO Kate Hudson, I do not want your workout clothes today. If you don’t opt out, you’re charged your monthly fee. This fee goes into your account and works like a gift card. You can go online and shop, or use your money in a store. And it doesn’t expire that month. So if I forgot to opt out in March (as was my plan) that money will stay there until I decide to use it. Pretty cool?
For my first order, I shopped on President’s Day. So I purchased the following

  • Isabella Seamless Top L/XL
  • Dash Seamless Bra
  • The Seamless Headband
  • Omemee Tank
  • Salar Capri

The Isabella top looked like the smallest shirt known to man, but I was pleasantly surprised when it fit and actually looked nice. Because it’s long sleeved (and because I’ve been lazy) I haven’t worked out in it yet. But it will breathe nicely. And the color is an OBNOXIOUS pink. So, I’m in love.
The Dash seamless bra is very cute. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for anything other than Yoga, Pilates, laying on your couch, sleeping, or any other activity where a supportive bra isn’t really necessary. It has no support. In fact, I questioned even why I would need it at all. I suppose if I were tiny, it would look cute, and I could wear it by itself. But that isn’t the case.
The camo Omemee Tank was super cute, and I have a guilty pleasure of loving camo. Also, it’s really long so when you’re rolling around in Pilates pointing your vag every which way and doing “fire hydrants” (which I hate the name of and doing) it doesn’t ride up and expose your stomach. And that I LOVE. The only thing I did not enjoy about the Omemee tank was the padding in the bra. I still have yet to figure out how to remove them.  
The capris were nice because they are thick enough to not have you in a lululemon situation, but thin enough that you’re not working with lots of swuss (sweaty puss -gross but real life). They also held in my stomach the way I’m supposed to during pilates but have yet to master. 

I fucking love the headband. Mostly because I used to have layers and bangs, and I apparently think I still do, but it held everything back – and I worked out with my hair down so I could fit in with the strippers. Also it’s great with your hair up because none of the short hairs in the back of my hairline touch my neck. I hate that.  
I will be getting another outfit this month. I will continue to report on fabletics and how it wears. Also, I’m going to try out other brands. Want me to test drive a brand? Let me know.



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  1. I’m glad you liked the Fabletics experience! I actually also bought the same camouflage top when I first did the VIP thing. I’ve since canceled that because I hate having to remember to skip. I DID just take advantage of the $19.99 sale on the Salar capris today — except that of course they were out of my size, so I had to opt for a $29.99 sale on an also amazing capri they had. Go stock up if you have a store near you because being VIP might get you more of a discount or at least points toward free stuff!! xoxoxo


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