Hey friends. I’m back again. This is a shit bag trend, I know, but I’m trying to be better at everything this year, and this blog is no exception. It’d be fantastic if someone wanted to turn this into a book, and I could start a career in a creative capacity that allowed me to wear yoga pants and write snarky things in random spots across the globe. You know, in case there is a publisher with a soft spot for struggling chubby girls still on their fitness journey, sporadically updating their blog. I do keep up with Instagram much better. I’m @fitgirlmolz. Same on Twitter. I don’t understand twitter though, so following me is a joke.

Anyways. I’m on the road, as I always am for work. I’m refocused on my health. So I wanted to talk about food. Which is possibly due to the fact I did not indulge in Swedish fish in the Marriott lounge (my fucking fave thing) and likely because I want a self-serving pat on the back. The way my food allowance is broken down, is into macros. The general guide I have right now (remember, I’m a baby at nutrition) is 50% protein, 25% carbs, 25% healthy fats. So imagine my surprise when I check my little app and see that I’m pretty fucking awesome.

Now, I know my numbers, so I am aware I’m a little bit out of bounds. But these are my numbers traveling for work. These are my numbers not planning and prepping my meals. My numbers with breakfast at Starbucks, lunch at Sushi Roku, and dinner in the Marriott lounge.

I made good fucking choices all day. Can’t say the same for tinder.





  1. That’s awesome!! Tracking when out and about can be very hard even without the Swedish Fish temptations. I wasn’t heartbroken to find out that 16 Sour Patch Kids have 37g of carbs—what?!!

    I’ve been tracking for about 10 weeks now and I’m alway learning new things. I can’t wait to see more about your journey with it and to learn from you how to handle not being able to prep everything with such an on-the-go life!


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