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My Pilates Instructor Hates Me, a narrative

Post knee surgery is no joke.  I get excited about walking a mile.  I also get sweaty.  My surgeon said from month three to month six I am allowed to work out minus “cutting” sports, dance classes, and any other side to side motion where I could re injure my knee.  Also, no lunges until… Continue reading My Pilates Instructor Hates Me, a narrative

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Whining. Like Winning, but Not.

I’m having a day where I feel fat. Let me backtrack.  First and foremost, I don’t like the word fat.  I don’t like when my friends use it to describe themselves.  I don’t like when people use it to describe other people.  And I generally try to avoid it when describing myself.  It’s just one… Continue reading Whining. Like Winning, but Not.